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Our Wizard King
Aurybq Art LLC

Our Wizard King

Regular price $25.00 Sale price $32.00 Unit price per
  • 3 inch
  • hardenamel
  • pearlescent effect
  • backstamp


Please remember that every pin is handmade and that it is rare to find a “perfect” pin. My grading is based upon that fact. My pins are not “collectors grade”. 

Standard: Minimal to no flaws. Hard to spot unless you’re searching for them upon close inspection. Flaws on the back do not affect the grade of the pin unless they have broken or missing posts. 

B Grade: Some flaws. Doesn’t affect the overall look of the pin from an arms length away. This could include small chips, dents, scratches, small oxidized areas on metal and small spaces missing enamel.

C Grade: Big noticeable flaws such as large scratches dents or stains and large spaces missing enamel or plating. Flaws can be spotted very easily.